Welcome to the Resistance!!

Call to Meeting

Greetings Fellow Democrats!

The next meeting of the 4th CD Central Committee will be on June 3rd, 2017  at 5pm in Kennewick Washington.


The location of the meeting:

Benton PUD auditorium

2721 W. 10th Ave, Kennewick. 99336


It will be a Potluck! Please bring food and/or drinks to share.  There is however, NO Kitchen, so please be prepared for that.

Below this call to meeting you will find the meeting agenda.

I would like the official business of this meeting to be brief and concise so we can spend more time in a casual fashion, brainstorming and getting to know each other.

The room actually is available at 4pm, but the meeting will start at 5pm. Those who wish to come early are welcome to do so.

You are encouraged to print your own agenda as only a very limited number will be available.

As always, membership is $10 annually and PCOs and elected officials are exempt, but donations are always welcomed.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all in Kennewick,


Cedar S. Kennedy

Our ActBlue account can be found here:


___________JUNE AGENDA___________________________

4th Congressional District Democratic Committee June Meeting

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 5pm – *Potluck*

2721 West 10th Avenue in Kennewick, WA 99336

  1. Call to Order
  2. Flag Salute
  3. Introductions
  4. Minutes from previous meeting
  5. Treasurer’s report
  6. Chair’s report
  7. Committee Reports
    1. “Understanding a 527 PAC”
    2. “How best to spend our money”
  8. Old Business
  9. New Business
    1. Announcement of next meeting date
  10. Good of the order
  11. Adjournment.


Our ActBlue Account!!


*Memberhip is $10. Any Democrat in the 4th CD is elegible to join. Precinct Committee Officers and elected Officials do not need to pay the $10 membership fee. Donations are always welcome.

** You are encouraged to print this agenda and bring it with you. A very limited number will be available at the meeting.


Greetings from the Fourth Congressional District Democrats and Progressives in Washington! 

We have witnessed perhaps the most disastrous take over of the United States in its history. We the people are not scared into believing an Orange Conman is the one to save us. We support Lady Liberty and for which she stands, because where she stands is what makes America great. The assault on the constitution, by those that wrap themselves in a cheap copy of the constitution to enrich themselves will STOP.

Did you ever think Russia was a player in our daily lives; until now that is. The Putin playbook, in comic book form, is next to Orange Conman’s bed. Undermine the press, put people against people, urban vs. rural, warp truth, eventually control information and bingo your in control. Perhaps a few riots need to be quelled, dissidents jailed. We all know history and it does repeat.

Please join us and bring your fresh ideas and energy to the resistance here in Central Washington. We here on the Eastern side of the Cascade Range from the Canadian Border in the North to Oregon in the South know hard work and know a real deal from a steal deal.

We live in the cities, small towns, rural farms and, homesteads in the counties of Okanogan, Douglas, Grant, Adams, Yakima, Benton, Franklin and a portion of Walla Walla County. The Columbia River and its tributaries provide abundant water for irrigation, hydroelectric power and supports our fisheries. In addition, the Hanford nuclear site, and our State’s high-caliber Universities are centers of research and development that  attracts world class scientists. Hanford though, also threatens our existence with World War Two radiation.

The Orange Conman’s administration is not interested in honoring our commitment to future generations, by protecting the environment including Hanford clean-up, supporting excellent education, opportunity and healthcare. To name just a few.

We have never seen a take-over in United States history. That is short of the Civil War. We are witnessing one now. The OC undermines the very foundations that Make America Great. The Washington Fourth Democratic Committee’s purpose is to support the election of candidates who will resist the rise of authoritarianism by defending the ideals upon which America were founded upon. We demand justice for all, equal opportunity, integrity, and respect for the individual. We take personal responsibility and commit to defeating this new and ever growing stain on America’s conscious . By working together we hope to provide strong communities for our families and a better world for our children.

Any Democrat/Progressive/Independent/and horrified Republican may join us. Membership is $10 annually. Democratic Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) do not have to pay a membership fee. Meetings are held quarterly. The officers, who comprise the Executive Committee, are elected every 2 years.

Mailing address:2200 W. Shoshone St. Unit C22  Pasco, Wa. 99301
Contact us at: info@wa4thcddemocrats.com